2017-2018 Dance Year!

We take pride in knowing all our families personally! With that said we do not offer online registration at this time. To register either call us at 413-786-5620  or email us at impressionsdance04@gmail.com!

$25 Registration Fee/$40 Family Registration Fee

Classes begin September 6th!


4:15-5pm Sr Jazz Team (ML)

5-5:45pm Mini Jazz Team A (ML)

5:15-5:45pm Little Hip Hoppers B (5-7) (EF/DC)

5:45-6:30pm Beg/Int Acro (LL)

5:45-6:30pm Advanced Combo (ML)  (must be approved to join)

6:30-7:15pm Beg Acro (ages 8-10) (LL)

6:30-7:15pm Mini Jazz Team B (ML/EF/DC)

7:15-8pm Int/Adv Acro (LL)

7:15-8pm Mini Hip Hop Team (ML)


3:45-5:15pm - Ballet Tech 4 (ML)

5-5:45pm Beginner Ballet (ages 8-10) (CN)

5:15-6pm - Contemporary (ages 12+) 

5:45-6:30pm Beginner Hip Hop (ages 8-10)  (CN)

6-6:45pm - Contemporary Team

6:30-7:15pm - Beginner Lyrical A (ages 8-10)  (CN)

7:15-8pm - Beginner Lyrical B (ages 8-10) (CN)

6:45-7:30pm - Junior Jazz Team (ML)

7:30-8:15pm - Teen/Sr Hip Hop Team (ML)

8:15-9pm - Teen Lyrical Team (ML)


4:15-5pm - Sr Lyrical Team (ML)

5-6:30pm - Ballet Tech 1-A (ML/CN)

5-5:30pm - Little Jazz-ettes (ages 5-7) (CN)

5:15-5:45pm - Little Steppers (ages 5-7) (KD)

5:30-6pm - Little Tappers (ages 5-7)  (ML)

5:45-6:30pm - Intermediate Irish (KD)

6:15-7pm - Teen Tap (ML)

6:30-7:15pm - Beginner Irish (ages 8-10)  (KD)

6:30-7:15pm - Teen Lyrical (11+) (CN)

7:15-8pm - Beginner Tap (ages 8-10)  (ML)

7:15-8pm - Teen Street Jazz (11+) (CN)

7:15-8pm - Teen Irish (KD)

8:15-8:45pm Hard Shoe Irish - must take Teen Irish


4:30-5pm - Creative Movement B - Beginning Jan 4th - call us to reserve your spot!

5-6:30pm - Ballet Tech 1-B 

5-5:30pm - Little Tumblers A (ages 5-7) (PB)

5:30-6:15pm - Junior Lyrical Team (ML)

5:30-6pm - Advanced Tumblers B (PB)

6-6:30pm - Little Hip Hoppers (ages 5-7) (PB)

6:15-7:45pm - Ballet Tech 2 

6:30-7pm - Little Ballerina's (ages 5-7) (PB)

7-7:45pm - Beginner Jazz A (ages 8-10) (PB)

7:15-8:45pm - Ballet Tech3 


9-9:30am - Creative Movement (ages 2-3) (ML)

9:45-10:30am - Ballet/Tap Combo (ages 3.5-5) (ML)

10:45-11:30am - Ballet/Acro Combo (ages 3.5-5) (ML)

Audition Only

Full Class