To register for classes please follow the link below. There is a $25 registration fee/$40 family fee. If a class is full please add yourself to the waitlist and we will add you as soon as a spot becomes available or we will make another class! Have questions about class placement? Shoot us an email impressionsdance04@gmail.com and we are happy to help!



You can register in person with us by making an appointment via email


5-5:45pm - Intermediate Acro (LL)

5-5:30pm - Ballet for Gymnasts (5-6 years old) (ML)

5:30-6pm - Little Ballerina's B (PB)

5:45-6:30pm - Junior Hip Hop Team  (LL)

6-6:30pm - Little Tumblers B (PB)

6:30-7:15pm - Advanced Acro (LL)

6:45-7:30pm - Intermediate Tap (ML)

6:30-7:15pm - Beginner Acro 2 (PB)


3:45-5:15pm - Ballet Technique 4 (ML/LL)

5-5:45pm - Beginner Ballet (8-10) (ML)

5:15-6pm - Contemporary (12+) (LL)

5:45-6:30pm - Beginner Hip Hop (8-10) (ML)

6:30-7:15pm - Beginner Acro (8-10) (LL) - FULL...we have added another one on Monday

6:30-7:15pm - Teen Jazz (ML)

7:30-8:15pm - Teen/Senior Hip Hop Team (LL)

7:15-8pm - Beginner Lyrical (8-10) (ML)

8:15-9pm - Sr Contemporary Team (LL)


4:15-5pm - Sr Lyrical Trio (ML)

5-5:30pm - Little Jazz-ettes (5-7) (LL) FULL

5-5:45pm - Intermediate Irish (KD)

5-5:45pm - Mini Jazz Team (ML)

5:45-6:15pm - Little Steppers (5-7) (KD)

5:45-7pm - Mini Ballet Technique (ML/LL)

6:15-7pm - Teen Irish (KD)

6:15-6:45pm - Little Tappers (5-7) (ML)

7-7:45pm - Teen Lyrical (LL)

7-7:45pm - Teen Tap (ML)

7-7:45pm - Beginner Irish (8-10) (KD)

7:45-8:30pm - Teen Hip Hop (LL)

7:45-8:15pm - Teen Hard Shoe (KD) - MUST be enrolled in Teen Irish to take this class


4:15-5pm - Senior Jazz Team (ML)

4:30-5pm - Little Hip Hoppers B (PB)

5-6:30pm - Ballet Technique 3 (ML/LL)

5-5:30pm - Advanced Tumblers (PB)

5:30-6pm - Little Tumblers (5-7) (PB) - FULL....we have added a class on Monday

5:30-6:15pm - Mini Tap Team (ML)

6-6:30pm - Little Ballerina's (5-7) (PB) - FULL .....we have added a class on Monday

6:15-7pm - Beginner Tap (8-10) (ML)

6:30-7:15pm - Mini Hip Hop Team (LL)

6:30-7pm - Little Hip Hoppers (5-7) (PB) - FULL.... we have added a class at 4:30pm!

7-7:45pm - Beginner Jazz (8-10) (PB) FULL

7:15-8pm - Teen Jazz Team (LL)

8-8:45pm - Teen/Senior Lyrical Team (ML)


5-6:30pm - Ballet Technique 2 (ML/DD)

6:30-7:15pm - Jr Jazz Trio (DD)

6:30-7:15pm -  Jr Jazz A - Musical Theatre (ML)

7:15-8pm - Jr Jazz B (DD)

8-8:45pm - Jr Lyrical team (DD)


9-9:30am - Ready Set DANCE! (2-3) (ML)

9:45-10:30am - Ballet/Tap Combo (3.5-5) (ML)

10:45-11:30am - Ballet/Acro (3.5-5) (ML)

(ML) Melissa Landry

(LL) Lexi LeBlanc

(DD) Danielle Demers

(PB) Patti Beaudette

(KD) Katie Dooney