Ballet/Tap Combo & Ballet/Acro Combo

Our 3.5 - 5 year olds have 2 amazing options for classes! At Impressions we offer a Ballet/Tap combo as well as a Ballet/Acro Combo! Each class is offered Saturday morning and the only class in the studio at the time. The chaos of a weekly packed waiting room is not an issue for these cuties!

Our classes begin with a Ballet warm up which includes fun imagery to keep our dancers engaged. We move on to basic center work and across the floor which we build upon each week as your dancer progresses. 

Our dancers half way through class will then go change shoes (depending which combo they are taking)

Tap - we focus on rhythyms, counting sounds and basic shifting of weight at this age

Acro - we focus on strength building, balance and fine and gross motor skills. 

Our combo classes participate in our annual recital and perform 2 numbers with one costume!!!!!